What To Expect


Your First Visit 

When you enter the main doors, you'll be greeted by one or more caring individuals who will welcome you to the TRC Community and be ready to assist you in finding anything you may need.  

Our Services

Most services at The Resurrection Center are predictably unpredictable!  Worship lets us celebrate God's faithfulness and The Resurrection Center believes in rich and diverse styles of worship.  One Sunday or Saturday you may see a choir or praise dancers, the next… a dramatic arts presentation or biblical storytellers.  While our worship styles may change, our worship to God does not and you can expect to hear consistent preaching, teaching and amazing experiences that will draw you closer to God.


Feel free to dress up or dress down.  We care so much more about you, than the way you dress.

The Message

Each message is rooted and grounded in the Bible and presented in a way that allows people from different backgrounds and walks of life to hear and receive God's Word. Expect to be enlightened, inspired, and energized about the things of God.



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